Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Packers..........

You may or may not know that our family(and our friend Brenden Daines) went to Return To Tittle Town. Just a word of advice- if you go to a Packer game in the dead of winter, be sure to wear shoes that DON'T SHOW ANY PART OF YOUR FOOT. I made the mistake of wearing my uggs, and we ended up watching 30 minutes of the 1 hour presentation. NOT GOOD.Oh, I almost forgot. To add to the negative 15 degrees, there was about 4 inches of ice on the bleachers.

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  1. We love the blog!! Nice commentary Alli! This will help us see more of you when we want and know a little more of the details of your lives. Thank you for creating this blog! We love you guys. Justin, Camille, Brayden, Logan, and Connor.